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  Alterhab International it’s a group of a number of associated companies formed in 1989. Alterhab Almummayz Company Limited is the distribution arm of the group whilst Naeem Belady Company Food Supplies and Al Hawdaj for Cleaning Materials are the importing companies together with Techno Arrow Trading Co. Ltd (Malta) and Nafico International Ltd are the Malta based companies of the Group, which take care mostly of Logistics, Banking and Purchasing.





To become the leading Importer and Distributor Group in the Libyan and North African Countries, contributing to the Economic Growth of the Country towards the Employment and the Training of local workforce.


Build a strong and solid relationship with our suppliers, based on trust and reliability. We do not want only to deliver the product but also the philosophy and the concept that there is behind the Supplier we are representing.


Building up new brands as a household name , grab a large market share, strengthen our Market feasibility and convince the consumer of the new brands quality and value for money.
Increase of turnover :The aim is that of achieving a substantial turnover for all the Brands we represent with in the next 3 years and a 10% annual growth onwards.

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Babylino Sensitive Diapers


Babylino Sensitive are the first disposable baby diapers in Europe, to be Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified for the absence of more than 200 harmful substances.

more than absorbency

The new Babylino Sensitive diapers offer much more than just absorbency. They have been designed with carefully-selected materials of certified friendliness to baby skin, to provide thorough, safe and secure protection.


They offer comfortable fit, and secure and safe protection because, apart from the uniquely soft cover, they also have a super absorbent core, that effectively helps in reducing leaks.



Market Analysis

Historically and traditionally distribution of products is done through wholesale shops which are normally grouped in large number in certain area located at different location in cities and towns. Among the best wholesale areas are:

    • Alkraimea Area, South of Tripoli that has almost 450 wholesale shops


    • Aldreebi Market in central of Tripoli this area has about 50 wholesale shops mostly specialize in Drugs and mother & child equipments .


    • In general each Town has a number of wholesale shops .


West of Tripoli

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Tripoli International Fair 2018

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Tripoli International Fair 2018

Product BabyLino

Product Babylino

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Tripoli International Fair 2018

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Libyan Children’s Week

Al Terhab Al Mumayez Company is the authorized Agent of Babylino products; it is keen to participate in all exhibition and local occasions. On 19.08.2017, it participated in the Exhibition that took place in Tripoli city under the name of Libyan Children’s Week, which was dedicated to products of children such as milk, diapers, and […]

Tripoli International Fair

Another exhibition took place at Tripoli International Fair from 02.04.2018 to 12.04.2018 that was about all products in Libya including foodstuff, cleaning products, local and non-local industries. The exhibition attracted many visitors of different ages and there were daily gifts presented by the company.

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